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We act responsibly for the environment, people and local communities

The Finnish forest, the fells of our area and the clean waters act as an enabler for our business. Local culture and local products bring their uniqueness to our operations. Equality, respect for the environment and continuous development of sustainability are the cornerstones of our company. We also want to communicate these cornerstones to our customers and offer them experiences where sustainable development and responsibility are part of all activities. As a partner of Metsähallitus' Nature Services, we are also committed to the principles of sustainable tourism. We operate according to the same principles of responsibility in all our operations, both in accommodation and in program services.

Taigavire's entrepreneurs belong to the Pudasjärvi local association of the Finnish Nature Conservation Association, we are active in various organizations related to animal protection and support local partners operating in accordance with sustainable development.

Taigavire's sustainability policy

We have a sustainability plan that is constantly updated. Here are some withdrawals from the plan, check out the entire sustainability plan.

  • We value and respect nature.

  • We tell our customers about the values ​​and protection of the nature areas and encourage them to act responsibly and environmentally friendly. For example, Metsähallitus' Outdoor Etiquette serves as a good basis.

  • As a rule, we use ready-made routes and existing service equipment.

  • We encourage our customers to travel to Syöte and our other locations by public transport and with low emissions.

  • We cooperate with numerous small and local companies. It is important to us that our partners also value nature and sustainable values ​​and operate safely, responsibly and environmentally friendly.

  • We buy products and raw materials from local entrepreneurs whenever possible. We want to support the local economy.

  • On tours, we preferably stay in small, environmentally friendly and responsible accommodation.

  • We like to eat in small and local restaurants and cafes, whose food is made from ingredients produced ethically and nearby.

  • We recycle and sort our waste: plastics, metals, paper, cardboard and glass, and we also encourage and instruct our customers to recycle.

  • We use water sparingly in accommodation and public buildings and we encourage our customers to do the same.

  • The electricity used by our Taigalampi cottage is 100% renewable energy.

  • Our personnel are regularly trained in environmental matters.

  • In our food services, we constantly strive to increase the proportion of vegetarian food, game and domestic lake fish in our offer.

  • We respect local people, culture and nature. We treat everyone equally. We remember to say thank you and always follow good manners. We are e.g. committed to the ethical guidelines for Sámi tourism approved by the Sámi Parliament in Finland.

  • When we move in nature, we leave nothing behind, but take with us what we have brought. We always clean the structures in nature when we leave to a slightly better condition than when we arrived. We sort the waste from the trips at the return point.

  • We maintain our equipment so that it can last as long as possible.

  • We avoid disposable dishes and prefer durable and appropriate cutlery.

  • We actively follow changes in legislation and official guidelines from various sources, such as official websites and through regional organizations in the tourism industry. As a partner of Metsähallitus, we are committed to the principles of sustainable tourism.

  • We collect feedback from our customers to improve customer satisfaction and our operations.

Continuous development through the Good Travel Seal environmental certification

We are constantly developing our sustainability and environmental policy. We were involved with the Taivalkoski Tourism Association in applying for a Green Key environmental certificate for our company, which was granted to our restaurant operations in March 2021 and was valid until March 2023. In 2022, we achieved the international Good Travel Seal environmental certificate for our entire company's operations!

We are also part of the Posio Tourism Association, which is the first Finnish tourist area to receive Visit Finland's Sustainable Travel Finland destination label! We also belong to the Syöte Tourism Association, which is constantly developing its sustainability towards the Sustainable Travel Finland destination label. In addition, we are a member of the Taivalkoski Tourism Association, which also works to achieve the Sustainable Travel Finland destination label.

In July 2023 Taigavire has been granted Sustainable Travel Finland label as a recognition of valuable and long-term work for sustainable tourism!